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Join a multidisciplinary team of volunteers in leading a project that will transform many people's lives.

You'll have the chance to highlight the importance of your knowledge and professional experience by supporting a social organisation.  

Volunteers and organisations, you will contribute, together, to an inclusive energy transition, empowering people in vulnerable situations in facing the challenge of achieving a more sustainable world.

You will be able to collaborate in a flexible way, both virtually and in person, from different countries, in projects that will be carried out in Spain and Peru.


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► Energy efficiency plans for social organisations - You will collaborate in designing an energy efficiency plan for a social organisation based on analysis of the facilities, as well as making recommendations and improvements to reduce its energy consumption. You will also collaborate in raising awareness among the organisation's technicians and users to help them be more energy efficient in their daily lives.

 Raising awareness about energy efficiency among organisations and people in vulnerable situations - You will collaborate in designing a training/awareness itinerary on topics related to energy efficiency. You will contribute to expanding the knowledge of the organisation's technicians and users, in addition to facilitating the implementation of good practices by reducing energy consumption.

 Designing green employment plans for social organisations - You will collaborate in identifying green employment opportunities for users of a social organisation, in addition to designing a training plan based on the opportunities detected.

► Business development and marketing plans for social organisations in energy transition - You will collaborate in designing and developing a business/marketing plan that will allow for the implementation of a sustainable productive activity for its users.