Legal Notice

This legal notice (hereinafter the "Legal Notice") regulates the use of the service of the Internet portal "" (hereinafter the "Portal"). Please read these terms and conditions closely, prior to using the Portal.

An overview of this Website is provided below:

Owner: Fundación Repsol

Address: Acanto 22, 10ª, Madrid 28045, Spain  or (34) 91.753.90.79

Registry Details: entered in the Register of Foundations of the Ministry of Culture with No 263.

TIN: G-81251860

1.- Users

By accessing and/or using the Portal, the User accepts, wholly and unreservedly from that very moment, the content included in this Legal Notice ("General Conditions"); as well as the Particular Conditions that, where appropriate, complement, modify or supersede the General Conditions related to certain services and content of the Portal. Therefore, prior to the use of the services offered by the Portal, the User should read the corresponding Particular Conditions closely.

2.- Use of the Portal, its services and content

Use of the Portal is free of charge for Users without prejudice to the fact that certain services require the processing of your information in order to obtain access to these services. You will be advised of this in each case. As a user, you undertake to:

(i) Provide accurate and regularly updated information, in the event that  it is necessary to complete a login form for certain services which are accessible via our Portal. You should not forget that you are solely responsible for false or inaccurate statements and for any damage which, as a consequence of the information provided, may be caused to Fundación Repsol or to third parties.

(ii) Use the Portal and the services without violating that laid out in these General Conditions and any other Particular Conditions which govern the Portal; in addition to the current legislation, good faith, generally accepted uses or public order.

(iii) Not to use the Portal or its Services for illegal purposes or in any way which may damage Fundación Repsol or a third party, or which, may be detrimental to or prevent its normal operation in any way.

Below we inform you of a range of actions that are prohibited, relating to the contents of the Portal; including information, texts, graphics, sound and/or image files, photographs, designs, or any other (“Content”):

3.- Unilateral Modification

We advise you that, in seeking to improve User experience, we may modify the structure and design of the Portal, its services and Content at any time and without prior warning.

In addition, we hereby advise you that Fundación Repsol, at any moment, may modify these General Conditions, or where applicable the Particular Conditions of a Service, and we shall advise you accordingly. For this reason, it is important that you regularly check the Terms and Conditions.

In no case will modifications  be applied retroactively.

4.- Use of links

Fundación Repsol may unilaterally modify, without prior notice, when deemed appropriate, the structure and design of the Portal, as well as modify or eliminate the services, contents and the conditions regarding access and/or use of the Portal.

4.1. Links used by Fundación Repsol on the Portal

The Portal contains links from which it is possible to access other Websites managed and controlled by third parties. The sole purpose of these links is help you to find information, content and services on the Internet. On no occasion should they be considered as a suggestion, recommendation or invitation to visit from us. Access to and the use you make of these links is solely and exclusively at your discretion.

Please note that Fundación Repsol does not market, direct, control or claim as its own the content, services, information and statements available on these Websites. Consequently, Fundación Repsol does not accept any direct, indirect or subsidiary liability for damage resulting from third party acts including the access, maintenance, use, quality, legality, reliability, and usefulness of the content, information, communications, opinions, statements, products and/or services existing or offered on the Websites; as these are not managed by Fundación Repsol, even though Fundación Repsol offers you access to these sites via its Portal in an effort to keep you informed.

4.2. Links to the Portal by third parties

If you wish to create a link from a Web page on another Internet portal to any of the pages of the Portal, you must comply with the following conditions:

In any case, we advise you that the establishment of the link does not imply (i) the existence of a relation between Fundación Repsol and the owner of the Web page from which the link is created, (ii) the knowledge, acceptance or endorsement by Fundación Repsol of the service and content where offered or (iii) the support or endorsement of Fundación Repsol for the information and statements made by a third party.

5.- Cookies and Privacy Policy of Fundación Repsol

Click here to see the Cookies and Privacy Policy of Fundación Repsol applicable to the use you make of the Portal and/or the Services:

6.- User liability for damages

Your use of the Portal will be under the sole and exclusive responsibility of you, the User. Fundación Repsol is expressly exempt from any liability for damages caused to the User or to third parties, resulting from a use contrary to that established in this Legal Notice and the Particular Conditions applicable in each case. This liability will extend to the use that you or any third party makes of the login credentials or similar which, where applicable, are allocated for access to the Portal, or to any of its services.

Irrespective of the above, Fundación Repsol reserves the right to refuse, at any moment and without prior warning, access to the Portal to any User who fails to comply with the General Conditions or the Particular Conditions which may be applicable in each case.

7.- Warranty and liability disclaimer

Fundación Repsol offers access to the Portal, its Content and/or Services with a reasonable level of competence and care, and we hope you are able to enjoy it. However, we provide no guarantee nor accept responsibility under any circumstances for damages or losses of any kind, that may arise from:

8.- Duration

The Portal will be accessible for an indefinite period, although we may interrupt, suspend, or terminate its provision for several reasons; of which you will be informed, including improper use by you or use contrary to this Legal Notice.

9.- Industrial and Intellectual Property

All brand names, trade names, or distinguishing marks of any kind that appear on the Portal are the property of Fundación Repsol or third parties; and it may not be construed that the use of or access to the Portal and/or the services confers on the User any right whatsoever over these Brand Names.

All Content, including the Portal, is the intellectual property of Fundación Repsol or third parties. None of the exploitation rights which exist or may exist over said Content may be construed as transferred to the User, under the provisions of the present Legal Notice, beyond those which are strictly necessary for the proper use of the Portal and Services.

If you consider that your legitimate rights have been infringed due to the introduction of certain Content on the Portal, you must report this issue to Fundación Repsol, indicating:

The Brand Names included in the Portal are subject to applicable industrial property laws, and their reproduction or use without the owner’s permission is prohibited.

Any mention of or reference to industrial property rights of third parties included on the Portal implies recognition by Fundación Repsol of the corresponding industrial and intellectual property rights of the owners. Their inclusion on the Portal does not imply the existence of any sponsorship or recommendation by Fundación Repsol of the same. The legitimacy of the intellectual or industrial property rights corresponding to the Content supplied by third parties is the exclusive responsibility of the latter.

The intellectual property rights of the Portal and any of the elements subject to consideration as work under the Intellectual Property Law are the sole and exclusive property of Fundación Repsol, who is the holder of all the intellectual property rights.

As the sole owner of the intellectual property rights of the Portal, the exercising of the rights deriving from ownership of the website,, corresponds exclusively to Fundación Repsol, and consequently, the granting of any authorization to exercise any activity deriving from the exploitation rights; and in particular, the right to reproduce, the right to public communication, the right to distribute, the right to make available to the public or the right to transform, whatever the format used.
The legitimacy of the intellectual or industrial property rights corresponding to the Content supplied by third parties is the exclusive responsibility of the latter.

10.- Accessibility

At Fundación Repsol we would like everyone, regardless of their condition, disabilities, or technological equipment, to be able to access the Portal. We have, therefore, introduced a series of measures:

11.- Applicable Legislation and Jurisdiction

Spanish law will govern any dispute or conflict deriving from these conditions or from the use of the Portal, its Contents, or its Services, or relating to any of these, while any applicable conflict-of-law provisions will have no effect. Both Fundación Repsol and you agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of your local courts, as long as your residence is in Spain, to solve complaints deriving from these General Conditions, or any of the Particular Conditions for the Services or related to them. However, if your residence is located outside Spain, both Fundación Repsol and you agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Madrid.