Collaborate with your time
Choose where and when, areas and your preferences

If you are a team leader, we can organize a volunteer or environmental awareness initiative for you so that, together, you can contribute to the challenge of achieving an inclusive energy transition. 

If you are part of a team, don't wait any longer and propose it to your team leader. 

Who can participate? 

 Teams of employees from the same area or management where Repsol has a presence.

What kind of initiatives can you collaborate on?  

We offer different types of initiatives adapted to the preferences and availability of your team, which can be carried out outdoors, in the workplace, in the spaces of a social entity and/or virtually: 

- Conservation/restoration of natural spaces.  

- Waste collection and cleaning of natural spaces.  

- Environmental actions with people in vulnerable situations.

- Workshops on environmental awareness and circular economy with people in vulnerable situations.

- Solidarity hackathon

 How can we collaborate?  

It is only necessary the designation of a responsible person by the team, who will be in charge of the registration, of channeling the preferences of the group and of being the contact person with Fundación Repsol.  

The specific functions as responsible/spokesperson are: 

 - Informing colleagues about the call and forming the participating team.  

- Agree with the team on the preferences regarding the organization of the initiative and transfer them to Fundación Repsol (type, date, schedule...).

- Be the contact person between the participating team and the Foundation.  

Once the registration is completed, we will contact you to design the initiative, outline the details and resolve any doubts. 

Be part of the team that goes further
 For more information or to resolve any doubts: