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In Spain, the unemployment rate among people at risk of social exclusion is very high. Would you like to contribute to improving the skills of these people who are looking for a job opportunity?

Once again, Fundación Repsol is collaborating with Fundación Iter, Fundación Integra y Fundación José María de Llanos, in projects to provide training and assistance for employment for people at risk of exclusion, including adult and young people at risk of exclusion and women in vulnerable situations.

You will be able to collaborate in this initiative, with your knowledge and professional experience, giving training sessions in cross-cutting competencies (CV preparation, personal branding, how to approach a job interview, basic legal training, home economics, etc.), as well as a basic introduction to issues related to the energy transition and the prevention of energy poverty. 

Through these projects, people at risk of exclusion can rediscover their abilities and improve their skills in the search for employment, especially those related to green jobs. 

Addressed to: Repsol employees, pensioners, and former employees.

Enrolment: open throughout 2024.

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