Collaborate with your time
Select where and when

Join a multidisciplinary team with colleagues from the organization to take on a project that will transform the lives of many people.

You will support a social organization/NGO, in accordance with its needs, in the design and development of its business, marketing, or communication plan, adding value to your talent and professional experience.

You will support different organizations dedicated to improving the lives of people in vulnerable situations: collaboration with URDA Spain in the implementation of its textile recycling workshop to provide job opportunities to refugee women through a circular economy; with Fundación Alas, by launching business initiatives focused on waste management; with Círvite, to optimize the use of the first Passivhaus residence in Spain that is 100% sustainable, among others.

As volunteers and organizations, you will work together to contribute to a just and inclusive energy transition, empowering vulnerable groups to tackle the challenge of building a more sustainable world.