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Advising Asociación Creect on the design of a green home or self-sufficient house that has a typically rustic Mediterranean style, specifically in the Region of Murcia. This collaboration is focused on the development of an energy efficiency plan for the home, on the search for an ideal location, and on providing advice on the use of sustainable materials for the construction process. Team challenge: Draw up a technical document on energy efficiency, self-sufficiency and recycling for the design of the green home.


· Create a green home/self-sufficient house with a typically rustic Mediterranean style that can be used as a space for Asociación Creect to carry out its activities concerning environmental education and spreading social awareness on our natural surroundings.

For: Repsol employees

Necessary areas of knowledge/professional profiles:

· Energy efficiency

· General services (Building maintenance)

· Engineering

· Innovation, quality, and improvement

· Technology and research

Registration: until 25 May At the end of registration, we will select the volunteers with the best fit for the areas of knowledge/professional profiles identified to achieve this goal.

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