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Become an agent of change to raise awareness about the importance of the Circular Economy and act against climate change!

What will your role as a volunteer be?

In this activity, the team of Repsol volunteers will attend a virtual training session on Monday, October 19 at 5pm and then we will invite you to spread what you have learned on your social networks to raise awareness among your family and friends.

The meeting agenda will be:

• What is the Circular Economy and why is it important?

• Current problem of solid waste in Peru.

• What we can do to change this situation from our homes and work.

Proper recycling concepts and easy ways to reduce waste from home.

Send us the photos, graphic or audiovisual pieces that you have created from what you learned and disseminated before October 30 to the mailbox and participate in the contest of 10 Hydroponics kits. For more information contact through the Volunteering Peru mailbox.


You should not have specific knowledge, just a good attitude and a willingness to help.

Sign up before October 15!